Cosmic Melon Fuzz

May 10, 2010


Faith in Aerodynamics

April 26, 2010

The two most challenging things about this project were lighting, and the actors.  Lighting is always an issue at Elon. Getting actors for films is challenging too.  Finding times is peoples schedules to film was near impossible and we actually had to switch one of the actors to me, which was really annoying because I didn’t want to have to be in the film. Also, being able to capture what the actors or actresses are supposed to be thinking or doing is difficult too.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and land a great actor, but on campus its hit or miss.  Just have to direct the best you can, I guess.

Overall I am happy with the way it turned out.  I felt that the music and short duration of some shots allowed for more cuts and less dissolve transitions.  The audio was interesting because we chose only to do sound effects for certain shots, mainly the door slamming and Kelly knocking.  I felt that the emphasis on certain emotions and actions helped tell the story.

In case you hadn’t gathered, Faith in Aerodynamics is the story of a couple who’s relationship is put on trial by something as insignificant as a mis-delivered letter which causes Olga to question her sexuality.

Live to Game!

April 19, 2010

The main challenge was capturing the video off of the camera in a usable format.  That was my main source of frustration in this project. You can tell because resolving these issues was difficult and resulted in a few unsightly jump cuts.

If it were a higher level course, shooting in the dorms might not be as acceptable, but for DMC, where else would one shoot? The dorm is the perfect place. Also, the “actor” wasn’t an actor. He was being pretty serious. The guy in the yellow was indeed an actor but only because Carmikes real roommate refused to be interviewed because he planned on making an almost identical video even though he had heard me talking about filming Carmike for over a month before hand. This project just gave me the excuse to do it.

I really hoped to express how serious some people are about gaming.  The theme was universal because everyone knows someone who is like this.  I also hoped to expose the violence that war-reenactment games like Call of Duty inspire in the youth of America.  Like Carmike said, it all started with 007 Golden Eye on the N64. This is a serious issue and there are a lot of war veterans that don’t appreciate the realistic nature of these games because kids play these games yet know nothing of the horrors of war.  My friend Mike (age 21) just got back from Iraq and shares this viewpoint with other vets.


April 7, 2010

The Pendulum: A Weekly Struggle is a photostory about the Pendulum Newspaper staff’s rush to print the weekly paper. In my video they were able to do it on time.

  • Protagonist: Pendulum staff
  • Antagonist: Schedule / dead-line monster
  • Conflict: Man vs. Nature because time is a natural occurrence
  • Resolution: Paper gets printed, on time and error free.

My photo story was a little short, so I wanted to add a stop motion title sequence and a stop motion credits scene as well.  The intro is done and came out quite nicely, but the credits are still a work in progress.  Stop motion animation take a lot longer than I realized. I also would have liked to develop the actual story more too, but not much was happening at the pendulum this weekend. I wish I had more time to film and to put it all together.


March 29, 2010

I decided to make a website for Elon’s Japanese Club.  We needed some publicity and I thought this was the best way.  The site is hosted through Elon’s student server.  I am still having trouble with spacing issues on the navigation bar.  Right now it looks a little plain and ameture-ish.  I plan on fixing the spacing issues, the flow and how the page fits on the screen no matter what browser the viewer has.  Also, I plan on adding a lot to the “Abroad” page because a lot of student and members of the club have gone abroad to Japan and had a great time.  They all have tons of pictures from their trips and I plan on asking them each to add a personal summary about their trip and how to get involved.  I would also like to add more photos from the weekly meetings and maybe a schedule of what we plan on doing for future meetings.  I want to include the faculty member involved with Japanese Club.  I hope this is a good start.


I chose to create an advertisement for the product I used in the last project. I chose a photo I had from project three and tweaked it in PhotoShop. First, I reduced the glare on the bottles using the Healing Brush tool. Then I tried to get certain parts in focus better by using the sharpen filter. I tried to fix the exposure issues by adding a green and red layer to select areas and darkening certain parts. I made the logo and placed it in the corner (strategically covering up places I was not able to get in focus well). It lost a lot of color quality from the original to the one posted here. The yellow looks green. I’m not sure why it did that. I think it is the photo hosting site I am using to embed the photo. The slogan “It’s Jamaica Somewhere” doesn’t really mean anything, but is something my room mate said about the product and I thought it was fitting. The Rasta colors behind the text adds some dimension and draws the eye of the viewer. “Peace, Locks, and Nappieness” is a slogan used on the Dread Head HQ website so I thought since I already made one new slogan for them, incorporating an established one was fine. Overall, I am happy with the result of my efforts and I think it is up to par with the class.


Be a Rude Boy

March 1, 2010

Its Jamaica somewhere. Be a Rude Boy (or girl) with Dread Head HQ’s Dread Soap!  I took this photo with a Nikon manual focus camera.  I had never used it before and all the settings were very complicated.  I was very upset that the product itself was not in more focus.  I wanted the bottle to be in clear focus and have the background be out of focus.  Something to work on next time.  The lighting set up involved a key light formed from the base of a lava lamp hanging from my bed pointed down at a 45* angle and a few degrees off to the right of the camera.  Two other lights on the sides, reflected light onto the product and the background via tinfoil covered plates.  Michiya chose a photo with only one bottle of soap.  It was focused better, but I really like the idea of the 3 bottles of soap to add dimension.  I wish I hadn’t sacrificed focus for creativity.